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 Brent Boeckman

Hi, I'm Brent.

I help men slow down and feel,

connect with themselves, build meaningful relationships, and create life on their terms.

Get to know me.

Brent Boeckman is a certified life and executive coach based in Austin, Texas. He is trained in somatic experiencing, behavior and cognitive change, as well as executive coaching and career guidance. 

Born and raised in beautiful Northern California farm land, he moved to Maui, Hawaii in 2006 and for the next 5 years Brent built his first business and grew spiritually, learning from the ʻĀina (Island). His time there was powerful, teaching the strength of slowing down, being present, and of a loving community. Brent connected with mother earth, danced professionally for a hālau (hula school) for 2 years, joined in drum circles. He experienced past life regressions, and connected with his spirit guides who introduced him to his calling. 

In 2010 he met the love of his life and moved to California to build a life together. Brent grew multiple successful start ups, building culture and leadership programs. As a corporate coach Brent's focus was on creating lasting talent engagement, and driving performance through authentic presence.

In his career Brent was featured in the LA Times, spoke at conferences, and won multiple  awards for his accomplishments. Check our blog.

Personal Development Coach
Life Coach For Men
 Brent Boeckman


  • Learning to love yourself. 
  • Being a present father.
  • Creating connection in marriage.
  • Building meaningful relationships. 
  • Finding purpose in a career.
  • Making a career change.
  • Leadership and people management. 
  • Unpacking and healing from past trauma.
  • Setting meaningful boundaries. 
  • Recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors. 
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Brent is caring, compassionate, and is able to break complex things down into easy to understand pieces. I can't recommend Brent enough. After working with him, I was able to start down a new career path, connect with my wife and be a better father. I feel calm and equipped to handle whatever comes my way.


Brent is a true guide through self discovery! My main takeaway with our sessions was learning to be a confident, authentic and effective version of myself. Brent's passion for his work and life shines and he has passed it on to this client!


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