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Hi, I'm Brent. 
I help men create life on their own terms.

I am a loving man, husband, and father who has healed through childhood abuse, addiction, and emotional isolation to build the life of my dreams. At one point I was facing serious jail time, overwhelmed by debt, and failing my marriage. 
Through deep introspection, therapy, and somatic healing, I was able to build a life where I thrive in connection and continued growth. My marriage is beautiful, my relationship with my son is blossoming, I’m living my dream career, and I am many years sober. 
I became a coach because I know I am not special, but that we all have struggles and traumas that plague us, keeping us from who we’re meant to be. I was given a second chance to create the life of my dreams, and ever since then I have been helping men to create theirs. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing easy about it, and there are still struggles, but it is a wonderful journey that I enjoy more often than not. I am present and feel my emotions. 
Over the last decade I have been featured in ABC news, the LA Times, and have been a speaker at numerous conferences. I’ve coached hundreds of men and helped them to reconnect with themselves, their loved ones, and to build a life of abundance. 
I would be honored to be a passenger on your journey. 

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In the World

Over the last decade I have continued to further my education by certifying in leadership programs, behavioral change modification, somatic experiencing, meditation and most recently breath work. It is an important part of my life that I continue to grow and provide additional tools to my own life as well as my clients. 

Brent Boeckman via Matthew Kubik photography

Combatting Male Loneliness

Brent Boeckman Coaching via Matthew Kubik Photography

Authenticity Road Podcast

CapTex Triathlon Brent Boeckman

2023 CapTex Triathlon

Conquering fear and completing my 4th triathlon.

Walking meditation with Brent Boeckman via Matthew Kubik photography

Joshua Tree Retreat 2023

Leading a silent walking meditation to start our day.

Reset Men's Retreat with Brent Boeckman and Mike Sagun

RESET Retreat with Mike Sagun

Cohosting a men's reset retreat with the talented Mike Sagun. 


Building A Life In Sobriety

In 2016 I hit a rock bottom. It finally became clear to me that I was an addict. I got a sponsor, worked the 12 steps, and found sobriety. Did I maintain it perfectly? Of course not, but I got really curious about why. 

It was then that I realized the triggers causing my acting out were old trauma wounds playing themselves out. Therapy helped, but I needed to express and work through the old pain so it could finally be laid to rest. 

Celebrating now over 4 years sober, I have repaired my marriage, build a beautiful bond with my son and live a life I had only dreamed of. 

My mission in life is to bring the same tools and possibility to the lives of the men that I work with. 

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