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A 4-Week Men's Online Resiliency Course

You’re most likely here because you realize that what got you to this point isn’t what’s going to get you to where you want to go. 


You desire a healthy relationship. 
You feel stuck in your career. 
You struggle with compulsive behavior. 
You lack motivation.

You want to change but have been unable to. 

We’ve been right where you are, and know how heavy or frozen that can feel. The need to numb out, distract, or isolate yourself only serves to further push away what you desire most. 

Discover your dormant power, feel more fulfilled and connect with what has been out of reach. GROW provides the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to get what you want out of life. If you’re ready to grow, sign up below and join the hundreds of other men who have taken this course and created a life they’d only dreamed of. 

Are you ready? 



GROW your skillset and internal resources to create connection with others.


Build RESILIENCY from reactivity and emotional dys-regulation


OVERCOME the limiting beliefs and compulsive behaviors holding you back.


Align with your WHY to live the life you want.

Become Yourself

Those who completed the program shared wonderful changes that came shortly after. 


Overcame fear to chase a career only dreamed of. - Charles

Moved through trauma to feel no more pain. - Daniel

Built a new loving relationship in marriage. - Steve

More energy and purpose than ever before. - Andy

Defeated the impostor and became a leader. - Sean

Let go of shame to build a life in sobriety. - Reese

Learned that I am enough and worthy of love. - Jon

Join the next cohort group, learn with and from others, and plant roots that will nourish your life. 

Join over 400 men who've already taken the course


4-Week Program.

Cohorts of 5-8 humans.

Weekly 90-minute live calls.

Daily check-ins and accountability.

Week 1: Cultivate

1 Live Class   |   Daily Practice   |   Self-Guided Content

We endure emotional and mental hardships because we weren’t taught emotional skills and were conditioned to disconnect from our bodies. Reconnect to your physiology, move out of survival tactics, and show up in your power and authenticity.

Week 2: Plant

1 Live Class   |   Daily Practice   |   Self-Guided Content

Overcoming limiting beliefs and compulsive or addictive behaviors means building a deep connection with your own experience. Build new neural pathways and move out of the past and into your present and future. 

Week 3: Nourish

1 Live Class   |   Daily Practice   |   Self-Guided Content

Leverage your new found resiliency to make better decisions and navigate life’s daily stressors. Experience the freedom that comes from a deeper understanding of your emotions and their impact on yourself and others.

Week 4: Harvest

1 Live Class   |   Daily Practice   |   Self-Guided Content

Live the life you’ve always wanted and learn to respond, not react, to life. Begin to design life fully present, on your own terms. 


Book a Call

Ask your questions, learn more about GROW, and see if the program is right for you. 

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