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Private Coaching

The foundation of our work is to reconnect the bodies natural ability to heal and regulate through somatic experiencing and emotional awareness. Our first step will get you out of your heads and into your hearts, building resiliency tools and removing blockages that are holding you back. 


Areas of Focus

  • Learning to love yourself. 
  • Being a present father.
  • Creating a life in sobriety.
  • Deepening connection in marriage.
  • Building meaningful relationships. 
  • Finding purpose in a career.
  • Making a career change.
  • Leadership and people management. 
  • Unpacking and healing past traumas.
  • Setting meaningful boundaries. 

Frameworks & Practices

Somatic + Gestalt

Restoring and connecting to our  disconnected systems starts with slowing down. Through our nervous systems we learn skills to down regulate, become present, and show up authentically. 

Behavioral Change

Using science-based practices in behavior change, we will tailor build a structure and set of tools that work for you. No matter your goal we'll work to build a system that works for the life you want. 


Mindfulness comes in a million different shapes and forms of expression. In our work, we will discover new and unique ways of creating mindfulness that work for you and your desired outcomes. 

As we work to remove root causes of our pain and limiting beliefs, we're able to begin a creation journey of the possible. Along with the above additional skills or tools that can be applied are:


  • CliftonStrengths by Gallup

  • Myers Briggs personality profile

  • Conflict Resolution by Thomas-Kilnmann

“Brent facilitated and connected me to a community of men where I could feel safe to share openly and trust a process that would ultimately help me reach the next level of vulnerability that I was seeking. His dedication to helping others find alignment within is rare to come by."

Luke, 28

  • Weekly coaching calls for 3 months

    1 hr

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