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Let's get real for a moment. 

How do you know what you're feeling?

As men we weren't taught how to be in-tune with our bodies. In fact, we're often conditioned to disconnect from it. "Rub dirt on it, don't be a girl, I'll give you something to cry about." 


This made us resilient, capable, and helped us to build the lives we have. Unfortunately this way of being has left many of us detached, isolated and alone. We struggle to make friends, connect deeply, and stay present. We logically understand our emotions, but can rarely express or connect to them. 


The men before us couldn't teach what they didn't know themselves. 


Learn how to thrive, not just survive, and gain the tools to connect to yourself and your loved ones on a deep level. Define what being a man is for you and become it. 


You deserve it. 



I was lost.

A loving wife, growing family and booming career, yet I was numb to all of it. 

As a man who is thriving now but endured childhood abuse and sexual trauma, I had not only numbed out of my experience for safety, but was numbing from the pain in unhealthy addictions and distractions. 

I reacted at everyone. I didn't know it yet, but emotions were controlling me, not the other way around, and I was pissed. 

My life, family and my dreams were at risk of collapse. With everything on the line, I took a risk to face what I had been running from. I found the tools to become connected and to heal. I found sobriety and sought out a life of substance without substances.

I knew I wasn't alone and other men needed help too. With the tools that helped me build a life of connection and love, I now serve and teach the men who need it, as I did.

I help men feel and connect.


When we are disconnected from our bodies, we can't be emotionally present. Not for ourselves, and not for our partners or children. We aren't able to understand and advocate for ourselves, and we lack the awareness to support and connect deeply. 

As a men's coach, I work individually, lead group sessions, and teach online classes.  I am honored to be on this journey and humbled to serve.

“Brent is a no-bllsh*t guide. My main takeaway from our sessions was learning how to become self confident, authentic, and that when I was, the world would open up to me."

Daniel, 38

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