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Brent Boeckman - Life Coach For Men



Let's get real for a moment. 

What do you feel?

You've most likely built a career, found a partner and even started a family. On the outside, life looks good, by all standards and the playbook you were given. You've made it, right? 

Then why do you still feel empty or alone?

Why can't you open up to your friends?

Why are your relationships failing?

When will you be happy?


The men who came before us couldn't teach what they didn't know.


We weren't given a full deck of cards to play with. We learned to hide our emotions. To be stoic, strong, and fixers. A man's  value became what we could show, provide, do, and put on the table. 


That's old school surviving. Not thriving.

Men need emotional safety. Men need to understand their emotions so we're not  controlled by them. Our loved ones deserve the best of us. They deserve someone who loves himself, who is emotionally aware, and creates safety.  

You deserve that for you.

Many years ago I realized I was numb and emotionless while living the life of my dreams. A loving wife, my first born child, serial entrepreneur with a flourishing career.


Yet, I felt none of it. 

I came to realize that I was not broken, or damaged. I was loveable, even if I didn't believe it yet.


As a survivor of childhood abuse and sexual trauma, I had developed an unhealthy lifestyle of addiction. I had detached from my emotions and lived entirely in my head, where I thought I was safe.


My emotions controlled me, and I was would reactively lash out at my family. 

My life, family and my dreams were at risk of collapse. I found sobriety, sought out a life of substance without substances and true emotional health.


I knew I wasn't alone and other men needed help too. I now serve men along their path, one I have walked myself.

I help men feel and connect.


As a men's coach, I work individually, lead group sessions, and teach online classes.  I am honored to be on this journey and humbled to serve.




Brent Boeckman is caring, compassionate, and able to break complex things down into easy to understand pieces. I can't recommend Brent enough. After working with him, I was able to start down a new career path, connect with my wife and be a better father. I feel calm and equipped to handle whatever comes my way.


Brent is a true guide through self discovery! My main takeaway with our sessions was learning to be a confident, authentic and an effective version of myself. Brent's passion for his work and life shines and he has passed it on to this client!


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